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We Need Your Partnership!

Since March 15, 2020 like many countries were put in lockdown. Peru was put under martial law, and we experienced one of the strongest lockdowns in the world. After 120 days, we were allowed out of quarantine, but the damage had been done. After 7 months, Peru still has its borders closed. The people of the Cusco region, which includes Pisac and the surrounding indigenous communities, where I live today, have been badly affected.


We here at Catalina have taken our community involvement very seriously. During our first 6 months, in December 2019, we planned and executed a local children’s event called ‘Chocolatada Navideña.’ We provided 650 children of Pisac and surrounding local indigenous communities with hot chocolate, a new toy, and a panettone (Peruvian fruit bread). The children were so pleased and excited because this was the only gift they would receive during the Christmas holidays.



Pisac was struck by a horrible event in February 2020, due to heavy rainfall, when a large part of Pisac was flooded by the Kitamayao river when it ran over its banks. Again, being good neighbors, we jumped into action. People worked all night, helping dig the village without food and water. We bought over 200 bottles of water and handed it to anyone we could.

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In late April, I became aware of the need for these communities to have provisions, such as cooking oil, matches, pasta, rice, and other provisions they do not grow. Once again, Catalina jumped into action, and with the help of some of my global friends, we were able to provide provisions for 7 communities, serving more than 650 families or 3500 people.


In May of 2020 on Mother’s Day, with many mothers without something to cook for the holiday. We bought and delivered 125 ready to cook chickens and gave them away on local Pisac radio. I was very touched when one elderly mother pulled me aside and said “Sr. Daniel, because of you we will have dinner today. We will eat in your honor. Thank you.” I did not expect a thank you as I remember as a child time when we did not have anything to eat. I know hunger, and it was Mother’s Day, and it was a way to honor my late mother.

Today, we need your partnership more than ever. People are still out of work and unable in many ways to feed their families. It would be a few months before the tourist trade opens completely, you could help with our current projects to feed families and provide work for those who need it. You are the solution to making sure our team at Catalina can keep supporting our Pisac community.

We are starting a “Brick Campaign.” Our goal is 100 bricks, and to have people like you support our projects by contributing $100.00 per brick, of course, you can buy more than one. This provides you with one brick, with two to three lines, as shown in the image below. The brick is 1 square meter and in the shape of an octagon. The first 100 bricks will be placed in the doorway of the chapel. This community chapel will be a replica of the old 500-year-old chapel that exist in Pisac.


become a partner

We are hoping to raise a minimum of $10,000 to ensure we can complete all our projects, supporting the Pisac community and the indigenous communities above Pisac. "Please consider a gift of $100 because families and communities are going hungry.

The projects that will be realized because of your kind contribution:

  • The completion and yearly upkeep of our year-round one-acre garden. We have already begun planting potatoes, giant squash, corn, and grass for animals. With your kind contribution, we will be planting broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, cauliflower, wheat, and many spices. The vegetables from this garden will be free to the indigenous community.

  • The completion of our community Chapel, a replica of the 500-year-old chapel in Pisac. We have already begun construction with a completion date in late September, early October.

  • Two computers and printers for the community so that they can be taught how to use the internet for their businesses.

  • The realization of an online community store for each of the 7 communities we are supporting. This will ensure the ability to sell their products, making this much-needed income during this pandemic.

Thank you for your contribution in joining    Catalina to support the indigenous community of Pisac.

Catalina is a for-profit retreat center, based in Pisac, Peru

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